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January 4, 2021

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What to Focus on in Your Wedding Planning Business in 2021

Wondering what to focus on in your business in 2021?

And I know, I know…There are a million different things we need to focus on as business owners. We need to worry about marketing, vendor relationships, social media, payroll, content creation and so much more and I haven’t even mentioned actually planning weddings for our clients. 

But in 2021, I’ve put together a list of four pivotal business pillars that deserve your focus. Because right now, we are still in the midst of a pandemic and although we may be doing weddings, I’m sure none of us are doing a lot of them.

Here are the top four pillars that need your attention in 2021 in order to grow and scale your business. 

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Brand Strategy

Ask my closest business besties – They will tell you that I live and breath branding. In another life, I must have been a brand designer but then my “Type A” personality got the best of me. 

I want to begin by saying that branding is not just slapping a logo on to your website and heading to zazzle to print your business cards.

Branding is the feeling your potential client gets when they walk into your office (or website). It is the colors, the smells, the texture, the sounds. Branding is understanding your client to their core and then speaking directly to them. 

Branding is, in my opinion, the single handedly most important part of scaling a business.

Having a logo and color palette is one thing. But having a full blown brand strategy that aligns with all of your visuals across all of your social platforms and profiles, internal and client facing documents is another. 

In order to grow and scale your company from amateur to professional, you need to uplevel your brand strategy. 

Clients these days can easily recognize someone who does weddings on the side versus someone who runs their company as a career. Your client facing visuals need to reflect that of whom you consider yourself to be. 

I have had many clients mention that they chose me over another wedding planning company (and some who have been in business 5-15 years more than I) because of the consistency of my brand between the website, the sales documents and my social media presence. To them, our company was easily represented as secure and sound because we had a strong brand to support our mission and values. Our message was reflected in our visual presence. 

I urge you to dedicate time this year to really focus on your brand and the message that it is portraying to your future clients. It can mean the difference between you and your dream client and budget.

Content Plan

This is a category that I struggled with over the past six years. From the very beginning I knew that having a content plan was important. But apparently it was never important enough to prioritize. 

I look back and can easily see where I could have been vs where I am because of my lack of consistency and commitment to a content plan. 

I am giving myself grace, I did have two kids in the midst of all this and I know just like you do, that in order to give time to one thing, you have to take time away from something else. And a Content plan was my something else. 

With that said, If you were to prioritize your list of business to-do’s, I think that creating a content plan should be one of your top three.

So what is a content plan?

A content plan is a strategy for sharing written and visual content and media. The purpose of sharing content is individual, but most create a content strategy with a goal of increasing their blog readership, follower and subscriber counts and sharing knowledge or topics of interest to their audience. 

Having a content plan for your company can offer you so many benefits for growth.

  1. A Content Plan contributes to SEO
  2. It showcases your expertise and value with potential clients 
  3. It helps you attract new potential clients

I will be sharing in a later video, how I created my content plan step by step along with all the tools and programs that I use. If that will be of value to you, drop a comment below. 

Client Experience 

There is no better time than now to work on enhancing and defining your client experience. 

In an industry like ours where each of our companies literally execute an almost identical set of services, it is extremely important that you define your client experience to set yourself apart. Here are two questions to ask yourself.

  • What will your couple receive from you that they wouldn’t from any other wedding planner? 
    • And believe me, I have said the same generic things. But I honestly, want you to think deep here. And not philosophically deep. I mean meticulous deep. Like each step of the way, what does working with you look like? 
  • If I were to ask you today as a potential client, “what does your wedding planning process look like, step by step” would you have the answer?

Now is the time to outline your exact steps from the client experience perspective. 

This means how you will communicate with each other,  what is your design process and what can they expect from you as a designer, what does timeline creation look like? How do you lead them through the process? 

The list goes on an on. 

If you want to grow and scale your company, you need to know these things. Not just for you and your employees or contractors (if you have them) but from the client’s perspective too. 

If you want to up level amongst the rest you need to give your clients an experience to match.

Back End Systems 

The one we probably despise the most is back-end systems. The reason I say that is for the sake that I meet a lot of enneagram type ones and threes. The reformer and the acheiver. For a lot of us, we like to get to business, not waste time on what we may initially consider to be unproductive work. 

But let me tell you now, back end systems are imperative to having a smooth and functioning business that almost runs itself. And you willl need this the busier you get. I promise.

What I recommend you do, is create a list of the tasks you have to complete on a daily, weekly and monthly basis for your business. Examples will look like:

  • Responding to Inquiries
  • Scheduling Meetings
  • Sending Contracts
  • Sending Questionaries
  • Shipping Client Gifts
  • Creating Seating Charts

The list goes on. And on. 

Next I want you to write down next to each item, a program or person or process that may make your life easier than the way you are doing it now. For example

  • Under scheduling meetings – Attach Link to “Calendly” or “Acuity Scheduling” to handle my calendar and appointments
  • For sending client gifts – create a partnership with a local gifting business. Create an internal simplified process for each new client (ie. Have them send the gift for you)

When we are in the motions of task lists and to do’s it is very easy to just keep doing it this way instead of trying something new. But that something new may give you back so much time. Not just for more clients, but to give yourself back time too!

What Next?

I know that these steps take much more than thinking about to implement. But I encourage you to really focus on these four pillars this year. These are pillars that in no way could have a negative impact for you or your business.

Over the coming weeks I promise to expand on all of these areas to share the step by step of how I’ve incorporated these pillars myself and how I’ve refined processes and procedures for my business. 

But until then, you know you can always reach out to me via email, dm or comments.

If you liked this post, I would love if you left me a comment. Knowing that you find value will help me continue to share new weekly content. 

Until next time, happy planning.


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