It’s time for all of that to change. Let’s work together to re-write your business story and help you find that flame again. 

You feel discouraged, burnt out, and     

I See YOU.


I'm Ready for a reset.

My intensive, 1-1 Thriving CEO mentorship is for mission-driven wedding planners who are ready to take action and realign with their soul purpose.

It’s time to stop feeling consumed and overwhelmed with your business as a wedding planner.

Let's Get Started

You want to continue sharing your gifts, but you know that you can’t stay in this same cycle for much longer. 

You’re sick of feeling trapped and want to actually live the life that you dream of. You want to run your business on your own terms, and feel good doing it!

You’re okay with hitting pause and giving yourself time to reset, because you know that is what’s needed to commit to your life and your purpose. 

You’re over the repetitive cycle of booking the same weddings, clients, and price points. You’re done feeling stuck in the repetitive cycle and consumed by your calendar. 

THRIVING CEO is for you if

If you’re ready to do the work and make the investments required to see true life-changing progress, 'Thriving CEO' is for you. From hiring employees and rebranding to upgrading operations and systems, you’re prepared to have a fresh start.

You're Just not sure how to get there

There's has to be another way...

i know what you're thinking

You want to be making more than six figures and finally feel valued for your work. 

It all begins with where you currently stand. We take a deep dive, reflect, and figure out what needs to change. From there, we visualize your future and determine what needs to happen to get there.


Let’s discover your life purpose and create a business model to support it.

Rewrite your business story with my signature Thrive Method™. 

We take our defining Discover phase ideas and bring them into alignment by connecting the dots. We develop your Business Blueprint to go from the monotonous, unenjoyable cycle to your new way of experiencing work and life.


The action phase is just that — taking action to move the needle forward. We begin putting in the real work and creating upward change with a personalized action plan that will move you through the next 18 months.


During the final months of the program, we evaluate our progress. We take advantage of the early onset momentum that you’re feeling to determine whether adjustments, pivots, or accelerations are necessary. Consider me your business bestie as you stay accountable to your Business Blueprint.


alexis a.

I was in such a "baby business owner phase" that my goals and directions changed monthly as I better understood what I wanted and where I was going. Nicole's understanding of what it's like to be in year 2 (or 3...or 4...) of business and how much can change is what helped me get an understanding of what my options were and what felt right to me and then our ability to strategize from that place.

Nicole's program grows with you.

alex m.

If you're looking for someone who has your best interest at heart, wants to see you succeed, will give you a push and encouragement when needed, someone who will inspire you with their hard working and great outlook, then Nicole is the one for you. 

She encouraged me to see my value.

jerica p.

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I can't believe how much I didn't know!

colette a.

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Magen is the best teacher for business!


We’re stronger together. As part of my 1:1 offerings, you will have the opportunity to take part in my group coaching program with 5 fellow industry professionals. I truly believe that a strong support circle can make a huge difference in your business!

The work doesn’t end when our time together comes to a close. I provide a 12 month progress sheet so that you can continue holding yourself accountable and moving forward, even after our time working together. 

I meet you where you are to develop a strategy unique to you.

Tuesday-Thursday, I am here to answer your questions and help you along the way. 

We will have monthly meetings where we celebrate your progress and determine what’s next. These calls will follow the Thrive Method™ breakdown with a focus on what’s needed for your specific business. 

Our work together begins with vision homework where you dive into my signature “Life in Alignment™” audit. We look at where you are and compare that to where you want to be. We figure out where things don’t align, where boundaries are being overstepped, and where you may need support. All of this helps us bring in a balance and game plan. 

Here’s what’s included in my 6 month in-depth mentorship program.

A unique framework is just the beginning.

1.  “Life in Alignment” & Business Audit

2. Monthly 1:1 Coaching Calls

3. Voxer and Email Access

4. 12 Month Action Plan

5. BONUS - Elevate: An Intimate Group Mastermind

$3500 VALUE!

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I had the success. My company was booking more than 60 weddings per year, I was charging prices I was proud of, and I was paying multiple employee salaries. 

But…I found myself dreading the work and couldn’t stand the thought of another day in my business. This company that I had started out of a love and passion for the industry had suddenly become a burden. I was burnt out. 

Instead of giving up, I decided to hit the reset button and begin working on my own terms. 

That’s when everything changed.

I get it, because I've been there.

I understand what it feels like to be on the fine line of surrender.



hi! i'm nicole

“Nicole will not only support you in your business, but will also be there emotionally. There is so much to learn…utilizing her as a mentor is not only worth it, but priceless.” — Sydney Yadav

As a Thriving CEO, you will feel alive in your business as a wedding planner once again.

Here’s what you walk away with.

A made-with-you Business Blueprint
A clear path for how you want your business to operate and impact your life 
A strategy for discovering your life and a business plan to support it
The confidence and a plan for charging your worth 
Life-changing intention and action steps
Freedom in life & business
BONUS: 6 month enrollment in my Group Mastermind program

Most importantly, you’ll begin running your wedding business rather than letting it run you. 


Through trial and a whole lot of error, I was able to climb out my very deep business rut. I was able to transform from a daily life of dead ends and overwhelm, and reshape my business into something that provides fulfillment and joy each and every day. 

What changed for me can change for you too. 

And I put in the work and found a way out.

I've Been Where You Are.


Payment plan

Prefer to pay month to month? No problem, I offer a payment plan that allows you to break up the investment over your six months. 

6 monthly payments



best value!

Pay in full and save $1,800! 

Think of it this way... this investment is less than what you'll make from booking one partial planning client! 






Let's Start Over without starting over.

Life first, business second. 

Transforming your business (not to mention your life) is never easy, but it is always worth it. If you’re ready to put in the work and do what it takes, I encourage you to apply to become a Thriving CEO.