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My Journey to Figuring it Out


Nicole Hensley

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December 2, 2020

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My Journey to “Figuring it Out”

If you’re a close friend or family member of mine (or have been a follower of my business journey), I’m sure you’ve seen my many new social media accounts, ideas, social handles name changes and account deletions over the last couple years. 

The goal behind these attempts were to find a creative outlet and try something new. I had a successful wedding planning business and although had plenty on my plate, I wanted to creatively express myself through a new side hustle.

In the process, I tried out the following :

  • I created a complete course for aspiring wedding planners that took me years to create – but was never actually launched
  • A coaching business that brought me several incredible clients
  • An online mini course for ‘Goal Getters’ that actually made some sales!

I tested out deleting my personal instagram and combining those posts , pictures, blogs and videos with my business accounts. However quickly realized that I could potentially muddy up the messages I’d worked so hard to originally communicate.

It’s in my nature to give 100% to my goals. So it was unlike myself and very uncomfortable to go through all this change. But while experiencing that discomfort, I also learned something new.

“Just because you quit doesn’t mean it was a failure.”

– Nicole Hensley

Where I’ve Landed

It’s okay to try something new because the idea excited you. and it is okay to quit it when it no longer does.

I have also realized that it is absolutely okay to have multiple passions. Who in the hell made it a rule that we could only have one profession in life? If you want to be a wedding planner and an interior designer, what’s stopping you? If you want to be a mom and a business owner, who’s saying you can’t? You can be whatever you want to be. As long as you lead with integrity and the will to do the best you can, you can do whatever you set your mind to.

2020 has been an unintended year of adjustment and change, I’ve decided to change those “old school beliefs” and use my new experiences to change the way I live my life moving forward.

It’s time to stop judging ourselves for trying and stopping, starting and pivoting because all of those lane changes and twists and turns are guiding us into the direction of the future we are searching for.

Each decision we make is a step in the ladder of our life.

So here we are and it finally feels natural and stable. I have an incredible wedding planning business that I adore, a new interior design company that provides the perfect balance of creativity from the similarly patterned structure of weddings I plan and the spontaneous and topic diverse platform of my personal blog.

To my unique and multi passionate friend, if you are on the journey to “figuring it out” – which is everlasting, I should mention, I hope you find that slow and stable road soon. But until then, keep being creative, keep testing and trying new things and don’t let the idea of failure stand in your way. Because failure doesn’t exist.

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