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December 31, 2020

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My 2021 Goals

Each year, I create my list of goals for the year. I dream them up during my reflection stage and then cautiously work through my six step goal setting system to map them out. 

Once I’m done I love putting it out into the world.

So today, I am so excited to share with you, my goals for 2021.

My Word of the Year

I always like to begin with my word of the year. It helps me set the stage and lay the foundation for the overall purpose for the next 12 months.

Going back to my word when I’m feeling confused or overloaded redirects me back to the overall focal point over my list of goals. 

My 2021 word of the year is COMMIT

Definition: To be dedicated to something

I chose ‘commit’ as my word for 2021 because over the last couple years I’ve allowed excuses to get in the way of some very long term goals that I’ve had for myself. Quitting and starting over became the norm because I hadn’t seen the results I wanted quickly enough. I didn’t even start other things due to the feeling of having no time, when I clearly spent too much time randomly scrolling Facebook. 

This year, I want to commit to my longer term goals. I want to stop with the jumping around and stay consistent. 

My 2021 Goals

Now that I dictated my overall direction, let’s dive into my goals for 2021. I have a set of three goals for each of the following:

  • Personal | Life (Everything outside of work)
  • Storybook Weddings and Events
  • My Coaching Business

2021 Personal Goals 

Commit to my Ideal Daily/Weekly Habits 80% of the Time

I created a list of habits that I wanted to make part of my normal routine. I keep this in my digital planner and refresh it on a monthly basis. 

It includes everything from my skincare routine, to taking my daily vitamins, working out and other habits that I want to incorporate into family time and moments with friends (ex. an hour of Spanish practice, scheduling a girls night with my closest friends). I know first hand (as a perfectionist) that perfection isn’t real so I have set a goal of working on my habits 80% of my ideal expectation. 

You can see an example of how I set this up below if you are interested in doing something like this yourself. 

Work on Year Two of Debt Payoff Goal

My husband and I put a long term goal in place at the end of 2019. We wanted to make a goal of becoming completely debt free by June of 2023. Originally we wanted it to be the collective of every debt we had from small doctor visit bills to our entire home mortgage. 

But over the year as life happened we decided to remove my student loan from the mix (I returned to school to complete a degree in 2020 and am currently adding to this loan) and we also decided to remove our mortgage from the plan as we are selling our home this year.

We have kept June 2023 as our goal date and will reflect on possibly updating it once we have moved into our new home and when I’ve completed school. 

We have selected out next goal bills to pay off and have outlined it on our financial tracker. 

Be Fully Present in my Scheduled Work/Non-Work Days

In 2020, I experienced extreme failure in feeling that I was present in anything that I was doing. On an average day I’d find myself trying to do EVERYTHING from being mom, business owner, student, teacher all at the same time. Because these roles all occurred simultaneously, I didn’t do any of these things well.

I am allowing myself to acknowledge that not all of this was intentional. I was simply trying to do the best that I could during a pandemic. Trying to be all the things at once was not something that I signed up for, but simply something that fell into my lap. 

I cannot continue to do this. It is not working and I do not want to continue this routine any longer. 

Nick and I have outlined days that are solely mine for working. I get to have Tuesday and Friday as my total focus days for work along with Saturday and Sunday. Not ideal to have the weekends for working, but we are in a stage where we cannot put our kids into childcare and with my husbands job, the most that he can assist me is a max of two days per week + weekends. 

I am trying to make a personal goal of only working three of those days and giving myself one weekend day to spend relaxing so it is going to take my full commitment on my “work days” to get things done well. 

2021 Storybook Goals

For Storybook, I also outlined three goals to commit to this year. We did a lot of soul searching during the downtime of 2020 to really figure out who we were and who we want to be. With that, we increased prices which will allow us to take less weddings while maintaining the income we need. 

If you’re looking at my goals and wondering why we’re aiming “too low” or “too high”, I want to remind you to keep things in perspective. When you set your own goals you need to choose numbers and goals that align with your unique vision. 

Keep in mind, sometimes even Lisa and I don’t see eye to eye. She may want to work 15 weddings per year because she loves the go go go. For me, choosing to be more present with family and life outside of work, I have a personal goal of only 6. There is no right or wrong. Your goals just need to align with YOUR individual dreams- not anyone else’s. 

Increase Revenue by 30% over PY2020

This year we decided to do a percentage of growth instead of an actual revenue number. We are still a bit hesitant on what 2021 will bring with regards to the pandemic. However, we hope to perform like we did in 2020 with slightly higher expectations that this year will return some what “back to normal.”

EXPAND OUR AUDIENCE by Growing Instagram Following to 10k with 20% of the Audience Located Outside of Chicago, Increase Website Readership to Average Monthly Traffic of 850 visits per month Consistently Between January 2021-December 2021 and Gain 200 Newsletter Subscribers

To be honest, I am worried about hitting the Instagram goal. It seems like Instagram is constantly changing and I am having a hard time keeping up. I feel like I keep throwing things at the wall and nothing sticks. At the same time, we’re entering the year with a really defined content plan. Excited to see how this impacts it.

Looking forward to seeing where we land at the end of the first quarter. 

Expand our Brand Nationally by Planning Styled Shoots, Developing Key Vendor Relationships, Getting Published with Non-Chicago Vendors and Booking at Least Two Weddings Outside of Chicago in 2021.

Lisa and I are excited to expand the company nationwide in 2021. We plan on growing an office based in Austin, Texas. In addition to Texas, we hope to begin booking couples in other states outside of Illinois.

Our goal is to “book” a total of two weddings in 2021 located in other parts of the country. They can be executed in 2022 and beyond. 

2021 Coaching Business Goals

Grow Audience and Introduce Nicole Hensley Brand by Growing YouTube Audience to 1000, Instagram to 2000 and Have Average Monthly Readership of 100 views to website per month and an Email List of 100

I hope to grow my audience on my main platforms (YouTube, Instagram and my website/email list). I want to follow through on my content strategy and be the go-to source for wedding planners and small business owners. 

Book a total of 1 VIP Day per Quarter, 3 Coaching Calls per Quarter, and 2 Long Term Clients Annually

This is my first year promoting my coaching business. My hopes are to be extremely selective with my student base to those who truly want to challenge themselves, make the big time and money investments and commit to their goals just like I commit to them, so I am keeping my student base intimate to allow me to give them all the commitment they deserve in return.

Land One Speaking Gig or Podcast Interview by December 31st 2021 

My long term goal is to be a valued educator in the small business and wedding planning field. My goal is to land my first speaking gig or podcast interview by the end of 2021. I am sure I will want to expand on this in the following year.

Alright, so let’s get going!

Looking forward to a new and fresh start.

Now you tell me, what’s one thing you are working on in 2021?

Happy New Year!


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