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2020 Goal Setting


Nicole Hensley

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December 29, 2019

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My 2020 Goals

Sound the alarms! It’s my favorite time of the year! 

And I can’t contain my excitement.

Does anyone else get this excited about goal setting? Well then hit me up, because I can see us becoming fast friends. 

Although I find so much energy in the last couple weeks of the year, I’ve also said that EVERY DAY is the “perfect” day to take action on your biggest dreams. 

But. There is something about the end of the year and the slowness of the season that makes it my favorite time to reflect and review the past twelve months and set my intentions for the next twelve ahead. 

Every year I’ve set my intentions for the year in a notebook and have shared them with my husband and closest friends and family. This year, I’m expanding and getting my goals out into the world! My goals for the next few years are big and bold and accountability is an important part of my journey. 

So here we go. 

My 2020 Word of the Year!



  • to continue steadfastly of firmly in some state, purpose or course of action especially in spite of opposition
  • to last of endure tenaciously
  • to be insistent

I’ve chosen “PERSISTENCE” as my word for 2020 because I was really frustrated with how much I let stand in my way in 2019. Now, before you think that I lacked motivation, I was just following through on my 2019 word of the year “DISCOVERY”.

“DISCOVERY” was something that I definitely leaned into in 2019. (More on my reason for choosing that word in my 2019 recap) My goal was to try and find the next path for me and thankfully, I did. During those discovery phases and reflecting on all that happened, I realized that one of the things I love most about me is my persistence to see things through. So I am taking charge of 2020 with “PERSISTENCE”.

I am going to be persistent in my drive to achieve my goals, to battle through my excuses and to make sure that I am making all the right decisions that impact the bigger picture. Like I said earlier, my long term goals are big and bold, and it will take a lot of persistence to see them through! 

Before we get into my list of goals, I want to share how many I typically go for in a given year. 

Annually, I choose anywhere from 8-10 goals ranging in difficulty. Some of you may feel that a few of my goals in years past really just sound like “projects”. But, I put anything that will take the focus of my time onto this list as, if I don’t…. I won’t pay attention to it and thus – it won’t get done. 

For 2020 I decided to scale back the total number of goals and decided to focus on my bigger, long term goals. Another reason for that is because usually my smaller goals require me to spend money and as you will see below, that won’t line up with my biggest goal to date!

So here we go!

my 2020 goals!


Goals that need to be achieved in 2020 to stay on track:

  • Pay off the following bills:
    • Hospital Bills #1 – 5
    • Nick’s Invisalign that he got done in 2019 – Goal Achieved for him
    • Wedding Ring
    • Estate Planning Lawyer Fees for Nicole
    • TOTAL DEBT PAY OFF GOAL FOR 2020: $6,697.90


  • What this includes:
    • Small Emergency Fund – ALREADY DONE! WOOHOO!
    • Christmas Fund
    • Caleb’s 4th Bday Party
    • Aiden’s 1st Bday Party
    • 5 Year Anniversary 
    • TOTAL SAVINGS GOAL: $3000 | $1000 already saved in December 2019 

GOAL NUMBER 3: Bring in $299,999 in revenue with Storybook (my planning company) by December 31st 2019

  • In order to make this happen, all of our salaried team members were given an annual goal that they need to achieve. During their 1:1 meetings we talked about what it will for them to make that goal happen. 
  • Luckily, we have a team that is super motivated and self driven – this is what you need in a team! So each of them are ready and rearing to go to achieve their smaller piece to the puzzle. 
  • We also talked about why this number. We have some big visions for 2021 and will need some money in our pocket to invest in that next step. So we are all working together to achieve something that will take our business to the next level!

GOAL NUMBER 4: Make 60k in revenue with the Nicole M Hensley Brand by December 31st 2019

GOAL NUMBER 5: Save all change from implementing our cash envelope system and collect for all of 2019

GOAL NUMBER 6: Habit Goal – Stretch for 15 minutes every day

My Why

What I like to do next is break down why I chose each of these goals.

It’s important that we reflect on the reasons behind our actions. We need to make sure that we have passion for the goal. Because if there is no “why”, there is no drive behind you to see it through to completion. 

Let’s dive in.

Become Debt Free – This has been the most often reoccurring goal of mine that I never followed through with. I gave into all the excuses.

“The night out with friends was long overdue”, I felt guilt if I didn’t get my kid ALL the presents… and “Oh I’ll figure it out” was my motto. 

But at the end of the day, all my purchased only felt me feeling more guilty and further from my ideal future. I have big goals and plans for my family and worrying about paying our monthly debts is not one of them. 

This year we finally implemented my personal goal mapping strategy to this goal and have it all planned out giving us the deadline of 2023! 

Before, I’d just say…”we need to spend less” or “we need to save more” but never put pen to paper to make it a plan. That’s the biggest change we’ve made so far and it’s made the follow through for everything else much easier. And that is how we’ve already put $1000 away for our emergency fund this month alone!

Save for our Larger Annual Spends – This ties back to our debt free journey. What we’ve done in the past is just dealt with larger expenses as they came about and although we knew that they would happen (birthdays occur at the same time ever year…lol) we never planned ahead. So this year, rather than “figuring it out” at that time we are prepping ahead and broke down our larger savings goals into smaller targets to hit monthly.

Bring in $299,999 in revenue with Storybook in 2020 – This year we went through a lot of changes with Storybook. – More on that in my annual recap post– but overall, I feel we could have hit this goal this year, if I weren’t pregnant or we didn’t go half the year training new employees. Regardless, this is a number that I am confident my team will capture this year. We have a back-end plan and we all know our target numbers. Excited to see where we will land.

Make 60k in revenue with the Nicole Hensley Brand in 2020 – I am excited for this one. Last year I made the decision to no longer take weddings with my planning company which took a huge hit to my salary. I am now back in the hustle of starting a new business to generate a new path for my family. I realized back in 2018, after planning around 35 weddings that I couldn’t continue to do that to myself year after year. My body and mind were drained and I knew that I needed to focus more on the actual business itself. I also started discovering that I wanted to help others grow a successful business or live the life they envisioned.  So that is when I decided to start a new brand and in 2020 I want to expand on it and make it my new full time.

Save all change from implementing our cash envelope system in 2020 – I love a good surprise and I hate carrying change! So this made for a perfect goal when we started our cash envelope budget system in 2019. We keep our coin jar in a place that we can see it and get excited every time we come home with a little extra change in our pocket. 

Habit Goal – Stretch everyday for 15 minutes – Okay, this may sound super lame to you but my body really freaking needs it. Now that we are on a budget, I am no longer going to get my monthly deep tissue massages and let’s just say, my body is a wreck. After having two babies, never in my life being able to stretch my head to my knees and always making myself too busy to take a few minutes to relax and stretch, this goal became a must. Especially after dealing with my worst case of sciatica last year. Here’s to health on a budget!

Alright, so that’s that. 

2020 will be a big year and although I am not checking off 10 or 15 things this year, my goals have expanded to something larger and for that I am grateful. It’s time for the big league baby!

Now I want to hear from you! 

Share one goal you have for yourself in 2020!

Talk soon, 


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