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Nicole Hensley

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January 11, 2021

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How to Grow Your Wedding Planning Company during a Pandemic Year

You can hold me accountable to this next statement.

The wedding industry WILL get back to some sort of version of “how we once knew it”. I’m sure the new version will look slightly different, but weddings will once again return.

At the same time, weddings haven’t left.

We’ve just been forced into a non-traditional way of doing things. It makes a lot of us uncomfortable. Change in general is uncomfortable. So when it affect our lives and our livelihood, it can feel all too overwhelming.

So during what is to be expected as another pandemic year, I want to send some encouragement for your business’s future. You can be successful in a pandemic year. But it’s going to take your passion, your creativity and stamina.

Lastly, I want to redefine the words “successful” and “growth” with you. Having a successful year is solely up to how you design your goals. Having a successful year can look like booking a specific number of weddings, hitting a particular revenue goal or simply surviving another year of business and giving yourself grace at the same time.

Growth in business doesn’t have to mean growth in revenue numbers, but other areas like “enhancing your client experience” or “increasing your pricing”.

At the end of the day, success and growth are going to look different for every one of us. So focus on what matters most for you.

Okay, let’s go ahead and dive in.

Reframe Your Business Goals

Let’s be honest, our goals probably look very different than in years past. Our revenue goals may not be as challenging, our booking numbers may not be greater than that of years past.

I encourage you to reframe your business goals in order to grow your wedding planning company during a pandemic year.

I suggest taking a look at the past year, review your reports and numbers and take it easy on yourself when projecting your numbers for the year ahead. Either way, you still need to outline business goals.

Aside from numbers, I think this may be a great year to develop goals around publications, styled shoots and collaborations with vendors. Think about outlining some goals around social media and website viewership growth.

What’s something that you’ve been wanting to achieve in years past but have been too busy working with couples to switch focus? Maybe you’ve been wanting to rebrand, or create an online course for engaged couples?

The ideas here can be endless and I think now can be an absolutely perfect time to give those goals a time to shine.

Reimagine Your Offerings

Do you love what you do?

and I’m not asking in a “do you love wedding planning?” type of way. I’m asking if you love what you offer to your clients.

A lot of times, we realize that we wish we could offer something different, but we are too caught up in booking and executing those booked services, to make a change. We keep doing what we’re doing because we get caught up in the cycle.

Now is a perfect time to reimagine your wedding planning services. Want to get rid of partial planning all together? Do it! Want to develop your full planning services more thoroughly? Do it!

Always wanted to offer planning sessions without long term commitment? Now is the perfect time to sit back, take out a notebook and white board and brain dump. Then give it some time and redesign your offerings.

Honestly, now is the time to redefine your entire business in it’s entirety.

Hone in on Quality Over Quantity

Having a career that revolves around large group gatherings, celebrations and planning memorable parties and events, it’s easy to say that our definition of a “traditional wedding” will look different during a pandemic.

But like I mentioned at the beginning of this post, weddings may look different, but they haven’t gone anywhere.

I want you to think about quality over quantity over many different business aspects. Not just the amount of contracts you’re sending out.

For smaller weddings, think about how you can create an wedding day experience just as or even more impactful than the one they originally envisioned.

Additionally, I’ve heard some grumblings of some planners considering lowering their prices to accommodate the impact of covid towards their couple’s engagement experience. Let me remind you: our jobs remain the same regardless of the amount of guests attending, whether the dance floor is packed or we have a quartet performing instead. We still are offering wedding planning services.

Now more than ever, couples need someone to rely on during such uncertainty. They are looking for guidance, advice, all while still needing the same help they needed before the pandemic. They need help planning a wedding.

I challenge you to reconsider that thought of lower price adjustment to accommodate the and instead adjust and increase the quality of your services and an increase of your pricing to match.

Which leads me into my final tip for growing your wedding planning business during a pandemic year.

Test, Test, Test

What have you been wanting to test out, that you haven’t because you were worried it may negatively affect your business?

Now is the time to do it.

During the down year of 2020, I decided to make a huge increase in pricing. Some may say, “WTF???? Why would you do that when it’s already been an awful year for business?”

We’ll I say…. It sure as hell won’y get any worse. I’m already not going to achieve my revenue goal, so let’s go ahead and see what happens.

So I did. We made an increase in pricing of 65% to our coordination packages, 35% to partial planning and 45% to full. To our surprise, we have sold One full planning, Four Partial Plannings and one Coordination within five weeks of making the change. We’ve actually considered raising them again.

Aside from testing out number goals, I think this could also be a fun time to test out creative goals. Play with colors, styled shoots, social media strategies. Keep what sticks and let go of what doesn’t.

Most importantly, have fun with testing.

Hit the Pause Button

We have been unexpectedly given something that many of us have been begging for. Time.

If we look back and knew how it would have happened, I’m sure we would all shout “NEVERMIND, I take it back!” but the thing is, it’s our current reality.

I want to encourage you to really hit the pause button and possibly even the reset button.

Take this opportunity to go back in time and reevaluate where your business is vs where you originally wanted it to be.

If it doesn’t align, now is your opportunity to change that.

Like always, I’m here for you if you have questions or are looking to work with a coach 1:1.

I know these times are difficult, but let’s be honest, things are always difficult.

Until next time. Happy planning,


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