Intimate Group Mastermind

it's time to level up.

It's time to LEVEL UP!

You want to take your business to new heights and you crave a support circle that will stand beside you while you do it.

Imagine what it would feel like to wake up each day energized and in love with your job. To move business forward one day at a time, following a framework to elevate and grow. To have a support circle of like-minded people, and to feel alive in what you do. 

It’s totally possible. 

My mastermind is for those who are 1-5 years in business and ready for purposeful planning. It’s for the wedding planners who want my methodology for creating goals and taking charge of their journey. 

Maybe you feel like your business is doing great but feels stagnant. You want to uplevel and enhance the experience, but you don’t know how.

Maybe you feel isolated in your business and crave a sense of community, people who understand what you’re thinking, and the ability to feel heard. 

Maybe you’re simply not satisfied with the level your business has reached. 

If you want to uplevel, grow, and create a thriving support system, Elevate: An Intimate Group Mastermind is here. 

My intimate group mastermind is for those who are ready to uplevel their business and want a support system while they do it.


Have questions? You get unlimited email and Voxer access to me Tuesday-Thursday. 

Each month, we will have a 2 hour roundtable discussion with the group to present, answer questions, learn, and grow. 

During the mastermind, we focus on 1 new topic per month such as client experience, internal processes, contractors, and employees. Each topic will give you the opportunity to deep dive into your business and your methods as a wedding planner to uncover pain points and gaps. You will be able to recreate your process so that you can lead your business with purpose. You have the option to enroll for the 12 month program, or join us for 6 months. If at the end of your 6 month stay you decide that you want to stick around (you can never grow too much!), you can renew your contract for another 6 months.

12-Topic Focus

There’s power in working together. Learn alongside 5 mission-driven wedding planners to uncover your potential and grow your business to new levels.

Let's expand and elevate your business

Here's What You Get

When you enroll, you receive a downloadable welcome guide with a detailed breakdown of my four-step Thrive Method. This will allow you to start on the right foot and will serve as your center guide as you begin to make new decisions for your business.


Enjoy opportunities to connect with the group outside of calls. Because you’re working in a small group of 6 people, you’ll have the opportunity to really get to know each other. 






Babe. It is time to elevate your client experience. In order to up level and get yourself on the same playing field as other luxury planners you must consider a luxury client experience to match.

During this month we will talk about how you're doing it, how you envision it transforming in the future and how to implement those changes.

How do your couples experience your brand and the time they have while working with you?

Client Experience

The 12 Topic Focus 


I've said it countless times and I'll say it many times more

Branding has consistently increased my client inquiries and has given my company a secure platform that has converted my ideal clients, over and over and over again. 

You can't go wrong with a good brand - how is yours currently supporting you and how can we make it even better?

Colors, Fonts, Ideal Clients, Messaging, Visual Representation!


The 12 Topic Focus 


Many clients expect for their wedding planners to not only be logistical experts but also creatively gifted. ha! Although it may come naturally to some of us, that is not always the case. 

During this conversation we will discuss process for creating concepts, understanding client ideas with discovery sessions and how to bring the idea to fruition. 

From Design Conceptualization to Day of Production

Wedding Design

The 12 Topic Focus 


Do you find yourself doing the same tasks over and over again? Tasks that can simply be scheduled automatically or handed over to an assistant to free up your plate?

Do you write the same email over and over when it should technically be made into a template. 

Do you have a process for hiring new planners and hand off your start to finish planning system? No? Well! Then I hope to see you in the mastermind this month!

Because we already don't have enough time....

Internal Processes

The 12 Topic Focus 


I'll be honest. Keeping up with all the platforms is exhausting. 

During this month's topic we will discuss your online presence. On which platforms are you showing up and how consistent are your efforts?

What's the benefit of focusing a a few vs the many?

What about PR? Marketing and Advertising?

Where and how should you be showing up?

Your Online Presence

The 12 Topic Focus 


There comes a time when you need to grow your team. We can only do so much solo and for scaling and growth, we must lean on others. 

This topic will focus on the difference between contractors, interns and employees and the steps you need to take before, during and after hiring. 

Contractors | Employees | Interns...oh my.

Hiring a Team

The 12 Topic Focus 


In my world, productivity,  work/life balance and overall energy walk hand in hand. 

Despite perfecting agendas and to-do lists, sometimes there are days where we simply don't want to work. 

But as a business owner, things must get done. 

This month..we talk about the solution.

We all have good and bad days


The 12 Topic Focus 


I'm going to confidently assume that you are charging too little and are over-delivering to your clients.

It's time for a pay raise. You've earned it. 

During this month's topic we will discuss different pricing strategies, the dreaded topic of commissions and making sure that you're not just slightly profitable, but that you are almost making too much money to know what to do with it. - But can we ever make too much? Never.

Make that money honey


The 12 Topic Focus 


I'll be honest, this is one of my favorite categories. 

I'm a wedding planner and I love talking about weddings. How to plan them, how to anticipate problems. How to prepare, manage the day and focus on your couple all while perfecting chair and flatware placement. 

Come to this meeting with all the Q's and I'll deliver all the A's.

Let's talk about the basics

Wedding Planning 101

The 12 Topic Focus 


Coordination. Partial Planning. Complete Planning. 90 Day Planning. Month of. Day of. Ahhhh!!!

What should you be offering to your clients? 

This month we will be talking about the money makers and the energy drainers. The DIY couples and the weddings that take no effort. How do we package our ideal services in a way that converts easily and gives us peace of mind? 

This month we will discuss it all.

What do you offer to your potential customers?

Services and Packaging

The 12 Topic Focus 


#community over competition

It's been ingrained in me since I started my entrepreneurial journey and has crafted its way into my process as a business owner and as a wedding planner. 

I heavily rely on my vendor network to help me bring a wedding to life and to deliver on my level (and my client's of course) of expectations.

This month we will chat about forming and building vendor relationships and how to make the most of networking opportunities.

Who's in your corner?

Networking and Relationships

The 12 Topic Focus 


One of the most important things for your career and life is to maintain education and developmental opportunities for yourself. 

You're already taking a huge step for growth in business by signing up for this mastermind but what about personal developement.

This month we are going to dive into my Thrive Method framework and take a step back from wedding planning chat. It's time to talk about you and your life, what you want from it and how we can continue to elevate you desires for our time here on earth.

We must remember to focus on ourselves

Personal Development

The 12 Topic Focus 

Most importantly… You’ll no longer feel alone. 

You’ll have a business circle that you can rely on for feedback, advice, and support. 

You’ll feel ahead of the curve and excited to be a wedding planner. You’ll feel relieved and confident. You’ll feel aligned in what you do! 

You’ll feel a deeper sense of knowledge about how you want to grow and elevate your business, your offerings, and yourself.

When group coaching comes to an end, you’ll walk away with more than just stronger business principles and methods.

Here's What you Walk Away With

Grow in Life and Business

you'll have lots to celebrate

I know what it feels like to have a thriving business but to feel like something is missing — to have the success and the credibility but to feel unaligned. It wasn’t until I implemented the exact processes shared in my Elevate program that my business began to grow and scale to levels I couldn’t have imagined. 

Community is everything.

I’ve been in your shoes.

You don’t have to be alone in your business journey

alexis a.

I was in such a "baby business owner phase" that my goals and directions changed monthly as I better understood what I wanted and where I was going. Nicole's understanding of what it's like to be in year 2 (or 3...or 4...) of business and how much can change is what helped me get an understanding of what my options were and what felt right to me and then our ability to strategize from that place.

Nicole's program grows with you.

alex m.

If you're looking for someone who has your best interest at heart, wants to see you succeed, will give you a push and encouragement when needed, someone who will inspire you with their hard working and great outlook, then Nicole is the one for you. 

She encouraged me to see my value.

jerica p.

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I can't believe how much I didn't know!

colette a.

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Magen is the best teacher for business!

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Let’s transform and grow your business.

Elevate: An Intimate Group Mastermind is a 6 month program with the ability to extend for the full year. With space for six wedding planners at a time, spots fill well in advance. If you’re truly ready to take your business to the next level, I encourage you to apply. 

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