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Nicole Hensley

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February 1, 2021

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5 Ways to Reset When Your Feeling Overwhelmed

Some days you’ll hit your breaking point quicker than others. 

  • You receive a follow up email from an angry or emotional client
  • Another couple decided to postpone 
  • That contract you were feeling super excited about closing went with someone else
  • The list goes on

Becoming overwhelmed is a feeling that can completely throw you off track for the rest of the day. In some cases, more than one day.

It doesn’t help when it comes along with that “I’m frustrated with myself for letting this get to me” feeling. Which only makes it worse. 

Today I want to share with you five ways to reset when you’re feeling overwhelmed. 

acknowledge your feelings. 

Never ignore your feelings. Don’t push through them or past them. Fighting the feeling of your emotions doesn’t allow you to understand the root of your frustration. Allow yourself to dive into your emotions and feelings and reflect on the core of WHY this may be upsetting you so much. 

Write your thoughts in a journal and add your feelings of this to your list of goals for your next therapy appointment. 

Sometimes as we write or talk it out we discover key insights of what led to our breaking point. It may not have been the postponement you’re frustrated with but instead that you’re being faced with another uncomfortable situation where you have to share your postponement fees with the client and are anticipating yet another frustrated email in return. 

Allowing yourself to acknowledge your feelings and dive further into the root of the situation will give you the opportunity to find solutions to the real problem at hand. 

call it a day

When you have a stomach ache, do you open up a bag of cookies to make it feel better? I hope not… it seems incredibly counterintuitive. But the same goes for when you try to power through your overwhelm. 

Give yourself a break. When you are feeling overwhelmed, put up your ‘out of office’, send a quick email to those expecting something from you by EOD with a short note that you will follow up tomorrow. Close your laptop and take care of yourself. 

You are your biggest priority. 

Give yourself grace and acknowledge that you deserve to take a break when you need it. 

get moving!

For those frustrations that are a bit more minimal in comparison to others, take a quick break and expel that stressful energy through movement.

Sent one email and received 10 back? All of your couples want to meet with you on the same week…you said yes… and now you have an overpacked week?

Take 30 minutes and get active. Get your heart rate up and burn off some of that stress. 

practice mindfulness

Have you ever noticed how you talk to yourself? Would you talk to anyone else like that? 

Sometimes we fuel our own fire. We make things worse by telling ourselves stories. We break ourselves down. 

Make a shift. 

Focus on combatting any negative self talk by reframing your thoughts.

do a brain dump

I LOVE a good brain dump. 

Have you ever felt like you had so much on your mind that you couldn’t think straight? 

Most the time we feel this way is because we are fearful of forgetting to do something and we need to keep reminding ourselves before we forget. 

So get it out of your head and onto paper. This is one of my favorite pieces of advice ever and I always feel significantly better afterwards. 

Take a seat, grab a notebook and a pen and write it all out. Every little thing that is holding space in your mind. If you have sticky notes or iPhone notes combine them all onto one document. 

When you’re done…take a breath and a break – You can prioritize them later. 

Combatting overwhelm doesn’t have a one size fits all solution. For you, drawing a bath and listening to an audio book can do the trick. For others it may require more ongoing therapy with a professional. 

But if you take anything from this post please let it be to put yourself first. That your clients or the problem at hand can wait and be solved once you have settled from your overwhelm. You are your number one priority always. 

Don’t forget that.

Until next time!


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